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S.G.R.R. School strives to be a community of learners in which all members use their minds well & care about one another. We engage with challenging academics & the rescources of our town in order to become active citizens & responcible stewards of our nation.

School has a discussion with its students, teachers & parents & recognized that the teaching-learning skills of the students needs to be enhanced & suggested the following mission statement.

  1. "The school will strive to achieve proper school attendance of the students & academic performance by 25%, every year in the next 5 years, by taking initiatives to celebrate science week/mathematics/ reading week enhancing peer learning by forming various interact clubs."
  2. The school will work with an objective to achieve more inrolment in primary & junior classes by the next four year by improving teaching- learning processes & various extra-curricular activities. The school will provide its teachers & students all the basic facilities required for improving the teaching-learning process.
  3. In the next two years, the school will improve reading habit of students at all stages providing access to an updated library & conducting various other reading related activities.
  4. The community members in the vicinity of our school suggested that the school must play an important role in creating environmental awareness among students. In order to achieve the goal, by 2020 the school will plant 200 trees in the area.

The mission of the school is to research, design & provide the best academic program & learning environment possible for the all round development of students.